Here you will find a variety of documents related to the development of Makivvik, and the Nunavik region, organized chronologically from the most recent going back to the 1970s.

Inuit Circumpolar Council

Discussion Paper : Declaration of a Nunavik Government

Message from Makivvik to Inuit, Beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Agreement and Members of the Makivvik

Executive Summary of the Nunavik Commission’s report Let Us Share

1994 Nunavik Assembly and Government-Negotiation Framework Agreement

Northern Quebec Task Force on Self-Government – Report on Task Force Field Trip to Inuit Communities

Impressions from the Arbvitarneq

Lauzon Chasse Peche public notice

Informations about FNIHB Regional Offices and First Nations and Inuit Health Authority

Nunavik Inuit Land Claims Agreement – PDF (4.75MB)

Nunavik Commission Final Report – PDF (1.62MB)

Makivvik Scholarship Fund (static)

Makivvik Scholarship Fund (dynamic) – PDF (731kB)

Nunavik at a Glance – PDF (559kB)

Identifying the Stocks of Beluga in Nunavik: The Role of Genetics – PDF (450kB)

Studying the Movements and Migrations of Arctic Beluga Whales – PDF (456kB)

Partnership Agreement on Economic and Community Development in Nunavik – PDF (146kB)

Agreement in Principle – PDF (2.83MB)

Mandate Related to an Independent Examination Concerning Allegations of Nunavik Inuit Dog Slaughter. – DOC (27kB)

2/11/2004 – Court Rules That Negotiations Should Continue: Inuit Education Rights Belong To The People Not The School Board – DOC (24kB)

2/11/2004 – Court Refuses To Halt Negotiations: Inuit Education Rights Belong To the People Not the School Board – DOC (23kB)

1/7/2004 – KSB Loses Third Consecutive Bid to Halt New Government for Nunavik after Questioning Inuit Right to Self-Government – DOC (24kB)

11/5/1999 – Signing of a Tripartite Political Accord to create Nunavik Commission – DOC (23kB)

11/5/1999 – History of the Creation of Nunavik Commission – DOC (23kB)

9/6/1996 – Nunavik Inuit and Kiewit Enterprises Sign a Landmark Mining Contract with La Société Minière Raglan – DOC (23kB)