Nunavik Inuit culture and way of life are deeply rooted in the natural environment. Nunavik communities and organizations are observing and experiencing climate change impacts firsthand and are the best placed to identify what is needed to respond to these changes to support the safety and well-being of Nunavimmiut. The speed and extent of changes taking place means that listening to and acting on the climate change priorities of Nunavimmiut is more urgent than ever.

This Nunavik Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (the Strategy) has been developed by Nunavimmiut and Nunavik organizations. Work first began in 2019 with a regional workshop to develop a shared understanding of climate change impacts. From 2020 to 2022, five multiorganizational working groups focused on different sectors worked to develop this Strategy.
A community engagement tour was conducted across Nunavik from May to December 2023 to present the Strategy to Nunavimmiut and hear ideas and recommendations to improve the Strategy. Collectively, over 150 knowledge holders and expert representatives from Nunavik organizations contributed to the development of this Strategy from 2019 to 2023.

This Strategy is a roadmap to guide climate change adaptation actions within our region, and to inform government and external organizations of Nunavik’s collective priorities and needs. It was developed so that our communities and especially our youth will continue to thrive in our homeland as our ancestors did before us.

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