Nunavik Furs was founded in 2000 providing tanning services in Kuujjuaq for the whole region of Nunavik. Nunavik Furs products are truly one of a kind, being the only tannery in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. Our tannery has a steady supply of pelts coming from community hunter support programs mainly from Kuujjuaq, Inukjuak, Tasiujaq and Kuujjuaraapik. We are very motivated to receive supplies of pelts from all of the communities.

Nunavik Furs tanning services are: skinning, fleshing, cleaning and tanning furs for many types of wild animals like wolf, fox, polar bears, black bears, otters etc. 

Over the last year, Nunavik Furs has made substantial growth in sales through improved marketing and awareness of the services across the region. Our goal is to find ways for innovation growth and to continue to deliver high-quality customers satisfaction and provide Inuit employment in Kuujjuaq. Moving forward, we will continue to work for the regional economy which can support hunters and seamstresses across Nunavik. 

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