Corporate Profile

Nunavik Geomatics is an Inuit-owned consulting firm providing innovative and cost effective geomatics solutions to public and private sector clients. We provide state-of-the-art mapping and spatial analysis services by gathering and analyzing geospatial and earth observation data to extract information highlighting patterns and relationships useful for your projects. Products and services range from decision support, project management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), aerial data collection and inspection and collection of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

Nunavik Geomatics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Makivvik.

Since 2009 Nunavik Geomatics has worked on several Canadian Government and private sector contracts with various mandates including cartography, atlases, interactive maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), environmental services, development of best practices, several technology reviews, use and occupancy, and traditional knowledge studies.

On Demand Data Collection and Inspection Services

As a business expansion strategy to support our current product and service offerings, Nunavik Geomatics is offering high resolution data collection and inspection services using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The purchase of our UAV and subsequent service offerings, will allow for a greater access of on-demand and repeatable imagery acquisition for our clients spanning various industry sectors.


Nunavik Geomatics
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