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The Nunavik Bravery Award recognizes Nunavimmiut who risked their lives to try to save or protect another.

Considerations for evaluation
These two factors are crucial in the evaluation of a nominee for the Nunavik Bravery Award:
1) The degree of risk faced and their persistence despite the risk.
2) The perception of risk is a factor, such that people who try to help, even though they know they might be severely injured or killed, display bravery of a very high order.

Saving a life is not, in itself, the most important consideration in being nominated for a Nunavik Bravery Award. Sometimes rescuers are not exposed to any danger and, despite the value and importance of their actions they may not qualify for a Nunavik Bravery Award.

All acts of bravery must have been conducted no more than three years prior to the date of nomination.

Any person or group in Nunavik is welcome to nominate a deserving individual as candidate for a Nunavik Bravery Award by completing a nomination form. The nomination form is available from the Makivvik website or from the Makivvik Communications Department.

All nominations are kept confidential to respect privacy and to avoid disappointment if the nominee is not selected. We ask that nominators and others involved respect this policy.

Selection committee
A selection committee will evaluate all nominations and advise whether the nominee fulfills the requirements to be honoured with a Nunavik Bravery Award. The members of the selection committee are:
1) The Makivvik Corporate Secretary.
2) The Makivvik Communications Coordinator.
3) A Makivvik Legal Counsel.