Here you will find a variety of Nunavik Maps, illustrating the communities, land base, and Nunavik in context of Canadian Inuit regions, and the circumpolar area.

  1. Nunavik map
    Nunavik villages.
  2. Nunavik map 1997
    Nunavik villages. Map available in English and Inuktitut.
  3. Quebec map
    Nunavik in Quebec. Map available in English and Inuktitut.
  4. Circumpolar Region and their peoples 2000
  5. Nunavik map 2000
    Parks and parks projects in Nunavik.
  6. Nunavik land regime and offshore claim
    Category I & category II lands of Nunavik and James Bay Cree in part.
  7. Nunavik & Nunavut map
    Nunavik & Nunavut communities.
  8. Location map of Nunavik
    Population list per village.
  9. Kuujjuaq category I & category II lands
    Kuujjuaq land regime.
  10. Canadian Inuit map
    Settlement areas and population by region.
  11. Kuujjuaq: Traditional and Actual Transport Routes
    Dogteam and ski-doo routes.
    Example taken from Nunavik land use data.
  12. North America map
    Location of the Canadian Inuit.
  13. Welcome to Nunavik map 1997
  14. Nunavik circumpolar map 1996
  15. Nunavik offshore claim 1996
  16. Nunavik communities 1996