Here you will find a variety of audio files, and videos related to our development over the decades, and Inuit culture in general, organized chronologically from the most recent.

Iqqaumavara (Autumn 2013)

In the early 1950s, a dozen Inuit families from Inukjuak were deported to Grise Fjord and Resolute Bay by the Canadian government. They were put aboard the C.D. Howe ship with the promise of a better life, abundant game and fish and the possibility of coming back. But instead, hunger, cold and the glacial winter night awaited them in the Arctic. Abandoned and left to survive under the harshest climate on the planet, they were cut off from their loved ones for decades. IQQAUMAVARA-I remember –  is an essential website about the history and memory of families touched by the relocation. Watch the trailer of the web site in production. IQQAUMAVARA is produced by Makivvik and directed by Marquise Lepage (director of the movie Martha of the north).

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Echo of the last Howl

According to approximately 200 reports made by Nunavik Inuit, a series of dog slaughters were undertaken or ordered to be undertaken by Canada and Quebec government officials or their representatives in several Nunavik communities from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s. Government officials and their representatives did not hold effective consultation with Nunavik Inuit, nor seek nor obtain their consent to the slaughters. Makivvik has been seeking, on behalf of Nunavik Inuit, an acknowledgement of these events and remedial measures.

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Capturing Spirit – The Inuit Journey

Capturing Spirit; An Inuit Journey is a dramatic portayal of the life challenges facing Inuit youth today.

The 70 minute film follows the lives of two character as they become young adults. It chronicals the everyday struggles, challenges and successes they face growing up in a small Arctic town. Lead characters Ben Watt and Evie Mark must grapple with family strife, physical and alcohol abuse, suicide and clashing cultures as they grow up. Dramatic vignettes highlight events and choices in their lives from birth to adulthood.

The wisdom of the past is presented by a talking Inukshuk and Arctic Tern Using imaginative special effects and 3D animation, these characters provide a counterpoint to the live action sequences.

Produced for the Makivvik, the film was directed by Albert Nerenberg based on a script by Sheila Watt Cloutier, Tarqralik Partridge, Bob Mesher and

The film was shot in Kuujjuaq in northern Quebec and had a cast of almost 50 actors from the local community.

Information on the video can be obtained from the Makivvik
514-634-8091 or at

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