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Canadian North serves the travel and cargo needs of more northern communities than any other air carrier in Canada. Our scheduled service carries approximately 350,000 passengers and over 25 million kilograms of freight and mail over its vast and comprehensive route network, which connects 25 Northern Communities to Southern gateways in Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton.

Canadian North was created from the merger of First Air and Canadian North in 2019. First Air was founded by Russ Bradley in Ottawa, Ontario in 1946, as Bradley Air Services, and soon developed a specialty in air support for Arctic explorations. This lead to the expansion of the airline from its roots in the high Arctic to other parts of the Canadian Arctic. In 1973, the company changed its name to First Air.

Makivvik purchased First Air in 1990, consolidating its aviation portfolio to include the major Arctic passenger, cargo, and charter carrier. The merger to create the New Canadian North was announced by Makivvik and the Inuvialuit Development Corporation on September 28, 2018. On November 1, 2019 the merged airline began operating under a unified brand, with full integration of all flight operations expected by 2021.

Canadian North is a 100% Inuit-owned airline owned by Makivvik and the Inuvialuit Development Corporation. Canadian North is also the premier provider of air charter services for large resource sector clients requiring dependable, efficient and economical fly-in/fly-out charter services. We also offer charter flights across North America and beyond for sports teams, cruise lines and other large groups.

Canadian North’s highly successful Arctic operations began in Canada’s North and has expanded over the years to include many other locations around the world. The Government of Canada’s Polar Shelf Project, for example, required working from points in both Greenland and Alaska. Other charter contracts have sent our teams all the way to the Antarctic.  Mission requirements in these remote places have included working on mineral, petroleum and scientific exploration, aerial surveying and mapping, passenger services and general cargo shipments.

Through grass-roots community reinvestment, meaningful employment opportunities and by providing beneficiaries with tangible benefits, Canadian North continues to demonstrate social responsibility and leadership in northern transportation services. There are over 215 Indigenous employees. Canadian North supports many community initiatives throughout the year, which have links in the Arctic.

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