Ungaluk Program Assistant Coordinator (PRE02032023)

Job Description:

Amendment No. 3 to the Sanarrutik Agreement, signed in August 2006, amends Section 4.4 and provides funding in the amount of $10 million/year to prevent and combat crime, to promote safe and healthy communities by taking culturally appropriate measures to improve the social environment in Nunavik, to provide assistance to crime victims and to improve correctional activities for Inuit.

Under the Supervision of the Coordinator, the Ungaluk Program Assistant Coordinator shall have the following responsibilities:


  • Assist in the development & implementation of the communications plan concerning the funding under Sanarrutik Section 4.4;
  • Ensure the coordination of meetings of the “Ungaluk Proposal Review Committee” as well as the “Ungaluk Advisory Committee” established under Sanarrutik Section 4.4 and provide the Nunavik members of this Committee with logistical support;
  • Receive funding proposals and assist the coordinator with informing Makivvik, KRG and the Nunavik members of the “Ungaluk Advisory Committee” of all such proposals;
  • Identify government programs under which funding proposals may qualify and inform the promoters, KRG, Makivvik and the “Ungaluk Advisory Committee” of such programs;
  • Assist in the delivery of decisions of the Makivvik/KRG Executives in regards to proposals;
  • Follow-up on all administrative and financial aspects of the program, including contracts between the promoters and Makivvik/KRG, and the disbursements of the funds to the promoters by Makivvik;
  • Able to write annual reports;
  • Able to give presentations to public organizations;
  • In collaboration with the Makivvik Finance Department, provide Makivvik/KRG with statements of revenues and expenses committed and disbursed to the promoters;
  • Obtain from promoters regular activity reports on approved projects;
  • Available to travel to the Nunavik communities, if and when required to meet with project promoters.


  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in Inuktitut and in English is required;
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing in French would be an asset;
  • Good writing skills;
  • Reliable and autonomous;
  • Solid, practical word processing & Excel Processing skills;
  • Good knowledge of accounting procedures and budget management.


All marginal benefits available to employees of the Corporation outlined in the Makivvik Corporation Human Resources Policy Manual.

It is the Corporation’s objective to favor and promote the employment of Inuit beneficiaries of the JBNQA.

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